Happy Blog Post Thursday’s Day – It’s all about love and stuff.


Suggested Listening: Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel, Lords of Acid – Pussy.

A lot of people out there would have you believe that Blog Post Thursday is a “Hallmark” holiday made up by Corporate America to guilt you in to spending a ton of money. That it’s a fake, phony holiday where you’re really really damned if you don’t and you’re damned if you don’t do it right and there’s a small window of opportunity that you can do it right and get laid. And that’s just simply not true.

On Blog Post Thursday, there’s no reason you should be sitting home alone feeling like you’re stranded on a shit-filled cruise ship afloat in a sea of self-loathing. Blog Post Thursday is day to celebrate. It’s a time to turn to the ones you love and swat their doubts and insecurities like Dikembe Mutumbo. You see, Blog Post Thursday was born in the bowels of Love and it carries a musty, lusty bouquet.

As such, today we celebrate that lusty bouquet and (partially ’cause we’re tired), here’s some images of funny romantic crap, ENJOY!







And for all the single guys out there, you know what we’re talking about.



Will dones murder us all or bring us hamburgers at our desks?


Suggested Listening: Röyksopp – Girl and the Robot, Death By Robot – Feed Me, Robert Zombie – More Human than Human

Drones, what are they good for? Unlike war, a lot of things actually. Let’s take away the most common assumptions about the mechanical buggers; you know, the stuff about the government using them to spy on its own citizens, or bomb the living bejesus out of insurgents and freedom fighters, or run totally badass recon missions, or be used for remote sensing, or provide commercial areal surveillance, or well you get the point…

The truth is that drones are capable of all sorts of amazing things that can impact your life much more directly; like for example, potentially flying one down from your apartment in the Lower East Side to the bodega down the street in order to pick up a six pack, because quite frankly, you can’t be bothered to walk down a flight of stairs.

But aside from assisting in this writers imaginary inebriation, the question is, will drones one day destroy humanity or bring us hamburgers, and we answer that question now.

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What Should I Feast on During the SuperBowl?


“We’re not here, to cause no trouble…” or how double negatives nearly cost The ’85 Chicago Bears The Super Bowl

Welcome to the end of Thursday, fellow Blog Postians. Hope you had a good day.

Our west-coast Twitter friend @HorneUltimatum wrote us and said, “Hey thursday dudes, you seem in the know, what should i feast on during superbowl?” Good question, friend-o.

Super Bowl Sunday truly is the last great bastion of feasting. Sure there are other glutinous affairs throughout the year – the summer bar-b-que, Thanksgiving, Fat Tuesday, Lazy Sunday (yo Parns, yo Sandberg what’s crackin) - but when done right, Super Bowl Sunday is like Cecil Fielder and all those other days are like little Prince Fielders trying to get a bite of dad’s Triple Cheeseburger.

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Agressive turtles at your door? Here’s what to do

turtle - come at me bro

Suggested Listening: The Turtles – So Happy TogetherUnknown Artist – The Turtle SongDaddy Yankee – Gasolina

Who doesn’t like turtles? I mean, I grew up in the 90’s, so the simple mention of turtles has me thinking about one thing and one thing only – turtles of the adolescent, mutant ninja type. Kawabunga, right?

I know what you’re thinking, “Aggressive Turtle? Please.” It happens more than you might think. Just look at this turtle attack caught on live video! That’s not something you can unsee.

Still not convinced? Look at the carnage that ensued after a 16 year-old boy got his FACE a little too close to a 25-30 lb. snapping turtle. OH SNAP

7 steps for surviving an attack from an overly aggressive turtle at your door:

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Should I get an anchor tattoo on my forearm?


Suggested Listening: Dropkick Murphys – Rose Tattoo; Van Halen – Tattoo; Sex Pistols – Friggin’ in the Riggin’

This is a very good, and serious question. One that requires you, the potential tattoo getee to probe yourself, not physically, but emotionally with a few deep, and penetrating questions.

But first let’s look at the meaning of the Anchor Tat



The anchor tattoo symbolizes a surface crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, and until recently (circa 1927) they were all the rage for Sailors. Sometimes the symbol of an experienced mariner, the Anchor is one of the oldest forms of western tattoo.

As with bellbottom jeans coming back in the 90’s among teenage girls, retro is back, and so are Anchor tats. In short, they’re resurging (yaarg, from the bottom of the sea), but this time around in more vibrant colors. The trend, ironically, resurfaced on the Pacific coast of the United States. Continue reading

Why is Rice-A-Roni so Damned Good!?!?

Charlie Domenico DeDomenico's son Paskey amazed with the Ronis.

Charlie Domenico DeDomenico’s son Paskey amazed with the Ronis.

Suggested Listening: Roni by Bobby Brown, Havin’ a Roni by Vanilla Ice,

Ever since the release of Social Network the Movie, San Francisco has been a city associated with innovation and mediocre level culinary self-righteousness by the droves of San Franciscans who daily share their meals on instagram and foodspotting, and more obscure social networks like foodie who recently raised $25 million form Anderseen Horowitz (source: TechCrunch), where your pasta and meatballs get to talk about you, instead of the other way around.

However this is not to say that culinary innovation is something new in the land of the Friscans, a name the locals apparently adore.

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In Appreciation of Thursday


Suggested Listening: The Right Time, by Nappy Brown

Of every rec sports league I participated in, the ones that take place on a Thursday are always the best. No one likes to go in to work hungover, but somehow it never seems to matter how hungover/still drunk you happen to be on Fridays, which means Thursday nights allow you to cut loose pretty much guilt free. Napkin throwing at the club? Go for it. Pitcher chugging competition standing on the bar? Twice in one night. Pizza in bed? Love the one you’re with. Thirsty Thursdays Ladies Night at the Apollo with James and Diane? Wny not.

Thursday is a magical day, when a rainbow touches down at your feet and presents you with a pot filled not with gold coins, but golden opportunities. The world isn’t just your oyster, it’s your 25 cent oyster hour.

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Coming at you live Thursday

We’ll be publishing the first issue of BPT this coming Thursday, January 10th 2013, and the world as we know if will never be the same again, mostly because it’s always changing, and it’s really never the same anyways, but also because it’s going to be, wait for it. Blog Post Thursday!

As we lead up to this occasion of gargantuan proportions, we ask a few things. Yup, we’ve given you nothing, but want things in return, in short.

Here’s how it goes -

  1. If you’re on Twitter, follow @BlogPosThurs
  2. At any time you can send us an idea for a blog post using Twitter, e.g. “Hey @blogposthurs – frogs are weird, right?”; “Hey @blogposthurs – the great depression was neither great nor a depression, discuss.”; “Hola @blogposthurs – January sucks.”
  3. Throughout the week we’ll RT your blog post ideas. Any topic is game, provided that it’s not overly offensive.
  4. You the readers can star/favorite the ones you like. ‘Voting’ ends Wednesday night.
  5. The idea receiving the most votes will be written about on Thursday. If there are no votes, we’ll pick our favorite submission.
  6. Posts will appear by the end of Thursday.

That’s pretty much it. We’re just getting started, so there isn’t a lot to see yet, but our first post will go up this Thursday, so we’re currently accepting ideas.

We hope you’ll get involved and enjoy the writing. Please share this with anyone else you think might be interested.

Thanks – Karl and Jacek